Divine Will Prayers

For those who are new to the Gift of Living in the Divine Will, it is important to know that living in the Divine Will is not a devotion comprised of only prayers.  It is a way of life where the soul calls the Divine Will in everything they do and the Will of God underlies all that one does, even the most insignificant things.

In a soul who lives in the Divine Will, their entire life becomes a prayer.  In fact, when fused in the Divine Will, the soul has everything in her power and can repeat the acts and prayers of all.  This is because the Will of God is the depository and the preserver of everything.

However, Luisa prayed wonderful prayers that are “rounds” in the Divine Will where she shows us how to take possession of God and all He created and to ask for the Kingdom of the Divine Will.

The following are a few prayers developed from the example of Luisa’s prayers and from the Book of Heaven.

Cenacle Prayers

Prayer Before The Cenacle

O Holy Will, as we begin our cenacle, we pray You, we beg You, we implore You not to leave us – not even one instant – so that You speak, You write, You listen in us.  You will make Yourself known, and make known how You want to be the Life of all in order to give Your goods to all.  If You let us do it, we won’t be able to make You known as You want, because we are incapable, but if You do it, You will triumph.  You will be known and You will have Your Kingdom in our cenacle and in the whole world.  Oh, Holy Will, with Your power You eclipse all the evils of the creatures, You put your Almighty End, so that they leave the way of sin and finds themselves in the way of Your Divine Will.

To you, Queen Mother of the Divine Fiat, we consecrate this cenacle in a special way, so that your love, Your Maternity may be spread throughout the readings we share, throughout the inspirations to call Your children to live together with You in the same Will whose kingdom You possessed.  As we start, kneeling at Your Feet, we implore Your maternal Blessing.

Our Love and our Life, Your Will has the virtue of multiplying Your Life for as many beings as exist and will exist on earth.  As we, in Your Will, want to form as many Jesuses in order to give the whole to You to each soul of Purgatory, to each Blessed of Heaven, and to each being living on earth.

So, we begin…

Invocation To The Divine Will In All Our Actions

I am nothing, God is All, Father I love you; Come Divine Will,

– To think in my mind.

– To circulate in my blood.

– To look with my eyes.

– To listen in my ears.

– To speak in my voice.

– To breathe in my breathing.

– To beat in my heart.

– To move in my motion.

– To suffer in my suffering;

and may my soul consumed and fused with your Will, be the living crucifix immolated for the Glory of the Father.

To pray in me, and then offer this prayer to yourself as mine to satisfy for the prayers of all and to give to the Father the Glory that all creatures should give Him;

To infuse in me the Faith of Mary most Holy in order to possess You as she possessed You

To infuse in me the Hope of Mary most Holy in order to desire You as she desired You.

To infuse in me the Charity of Mary most Holy in order to love You as she loved You.

To adore in me. And since Your Will multiplies acts to the infinite, thus I intend to give You the satisfaction as if all had assisted at Holy Mass, and give to all the fruit of the Sacrifice and impetrate salvation for all.

The Trinity Prayer

Ever Holy and indivisible Trinity, I adore You profoundly, I love You intensely, I thank You perpetually, for all and in the hearts of all. Amen.

O Supreme Will

O Supreme Will come to reign upon the earth, invest all generations, win and conquer all, and do not delay any longer.

Consecration To The Divine Will

O adorable and Divine Will, behold me here, before the immensity of Your Light, that Your Eternal Goodness may open to me the doors, and make me enter into It, to form my life all in You, Divine Will. Therefore, prostrate before Your Light, I, the least among all creatures, put myself into the little group of the sons and daughters of Your Supreme Fiat. Prostrate in my nothingness, I invoke  Your Light, and beg that it clothe me and eclipse all that does not pertain to You, Divine Will. It will be my life, the center of my intelligence, the enrapture of my heart and of my whole being. I do not want the human will to have life in this heart any longer. I will cast it away from me and thus form the new Eden of peace, of happiness and of love. With It I shall be always happy. I shall have a singular strength, and a holiness that sanctifies all things and conducts them to God.

Here prostrate, I invoke the help of the Most Holy Trinity, that They permit me to live in the cloister of the Divine Will, and thus return in me the first order of Creation, just as the creature was created.

Heavenly Mother, Sovereign Queen of the Divine Fiat, take my hand and introduce me into the Light of the Divine Will. You will be my guide, my most tender Mother, and will teach me to live in and to maintain myself in the order and the bounds of the Divine Will.

Heavenly Mother, I consecrate my whole being to Your Immaculate Heart. You will teach me the doctrine of the Divine Will, and I will listen most attentively to Your lessons. You will cover me with your mantle, so that the infernal serpent dare not to penetrate into this sacred Eden to entice me and make me fall into the maze of the human will.

Heart of my highest Good, Jesus, You will give me Your flames, that they may burn me, consume me and feed me, to form in me the life of the Divine Will.

Saint Joseph, you will be my Protector, the guardian of my heart, and will keep the keys of my will in your hands. You will keep my heart jealously, and shall never give it to me again, that I may be sure never leaving the Will of God.

My Guardian Angel, guard me, defend me, help me in everything, so that my Eden may flourish, and be the instrument that draws all men into the Kingdom of the Divine Will. Amen.

Prayer To The Most Holy Trinity For The Glorification Of The Servant Of God, Luisa Piccarreta

Oh Most Holy Trinity, Father, Son, and Holy Spirit, we praise and thank You for the gift of holiness You granted to Your faithful servant Luisa Piccarreta. She lived, dear Father, in Your Divine Will, and became under the influence of the Holy Spirit, similar to Your Son, who died on the Cross due to his obedience.

She was a victim and a host welcome to You, thus contributing to the Redemption of mankind.

Her virtues of obedience, humility, love for Christ and for the Church urge us to ask You for her glorification on earth, so that Your Glory may shine and Your Kingdom of Truth, Justice and Love may spread all over the world in the particular charisma of the

“Fiat voluntas tua sicut in coelo et in terra.”

We appeal to her merits to obtain from You, Holy Trinity, the particular grace for which we pray to You in Your Divine Will. Amen.

Prayers Based on the Writings

The following prayers are based on examples or teachings found in the Book of Heaven and The Virgin Mary in the Kingdom of the Divine Will.

Offering Of The Human Will To The Celestial Queen

Sweetest Mother, here I am prostrate before Your throne. I am Your little child who wants to give you all my filial love; and, as Your child, I want to interlace all the little flowers, the exclamations, my promises that I have made so many times in this month of graces of no longer doing my will; and forming a crown, I want to put it in Your lap as proof of love and thanksgiving to my Mother.

But that is not enough; I want You to take it in Your hands as a sign that You accept my gift; and at the touch of Your maternal fingers convert it for me into so many suns, at least for as many times as I have sought to do the Divine Will in my little acts.

Ah, yes, Queen Mother, Your child wants to give You the homages of light and of most refulgent suns. I know that You have so many of these suns, but they are not the suns of Your child. Indeed, I want to give You mine in order to tell You that I love You and to engage You to love me. Holy Mother, You smile at me and in all goodness You accept my gift; and I thank You heartily. But I want to say so many things to You; I want to enclose my pains, my fears, my weaknesses and all my being in Your maternal Heart as in a place of refuge for me.

I want to consecrate my will to You. Ah, O my Mother, accept it; make it a triumph of grace and a field where the Divine Will may extend Its Kingdom! Thus my will consecrated to You will make us inseparable and will keep us in continual rapport. The doors of Heaven will not be closed to me because, having consecrated my will to You, You will give me Yours in exchange. So, O my Mother, come to be with Your child on earth; and the child will go to live with its Mother in Heaven. Oh, how happy I will be!

Listen, dearest Mother, to make the consecration of my will to You more solemn, I call the Most Holy Trinity, all the angels, all the saints; and, before all, I profess and I swear of making a solemn consecration of my will to my Heavenly Mother.

And now, Sovereign Queen, in conclusion I ask You for Your holy blessing for me and for everyone. May Your blessing be the celestial dew which descends upon sinners and converts them, covers the afflicted and consoles them, descends upon the entire world and transforms it into good, descends over the purging souls and smothers the fire which burns them. May Your blessing be the pledge of salvation for all souls. Amen.

Clothe Yourself In The Insignia Of Jesus

I fuse myself in the Will and Love of the Father, and clothe myself with the divine Humanity of Jesus and united with Our Most Holy Mother, I present myself before the Supreme Throne of God:

– my head surrounded with the thorns of Jesus Christ
– my eyes beaded with His tears
– my tongue impregnated with His bitterness
– my soul bathed in His blood
– my body adorned with His wounds
– my hands and feet pierced with His nails.

I pray You Father that by the merits of His luminous virtues and of His Divinity to concede to me the grace of: (e.g. living in Your Holy Will).

Chaplet Of The Divine Will

by Saint Annibale di Francia

Dear Jesus, I pray this Chaplet in Your Divine Will, with it I desire to embrace everything and everyone, compensate for everyone and hold Your Fiat captive upon the Earth.

Begin with: 1 Our Father, 1 Hail Mary, 1 Glory Be.
On the large rosary beads, “Glory be to the Father…” On the small beads “Thy Will be done, on earth as it is in Heaven.”

Ending Prayer: ““Lord Jesus, we praise You, we love You, we bless You, and we thank You Who are God with the Father and the Holy Spirit in Your Holy and Eternal Divine Will. Amen.”

Prayer For Priests

Abba Father,
In the Name of Jesus,
In the Unity, Power and Love of the Holy Spirit,
Under the Mantle of Our Lady,
Queen of Heaven and earth
With all the Holy Angels and Saints,
Through the intercession of
the Servant of God Luisa Piccarreta we pray:

Lord Jesus, call Your Holy Angels
(as we all prostrate our faces to the ground)
and Tell Your Holy Angels to
Touch the foreheads of Your Priests
who are supposed to See the Writings of
The Servant of God Luisa Piccarreta
in order to Impress in Your Priests, the Holy Spirit,
so as to Infuse in Your Priests, the Light
in order to Make Your Priests, Comprehend
the Truths and the Good that
are in her Writings.

Please take our humble prayer
and make it Your Command
that All be Accomplished and Completed
in Your Most Holy Divine Will.
Fiat! Amen!
So be it!

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