Jesus also tells Luisa that God’s greatest gift to man during Creation was His Divine Will. It was meant to reign in man, to preserve the sanctity and goodness of his human will.

”Yet, as if everything that was created for him were not enough to Our love, in order to preserve this free will, We gave him the greatest gift, which surpassed all other gifts:  we gave him Our Will, as preserver, as antidote, as prevenience and help for his free will.  So, Our Will placed Itself at his disposal, to give him all those aids which man might need.  Our Will was given to him as primary life, and as the first act of all his works.”  (Book of Heaven, Volume 18 – August 9, 1925)

“Until the grain of wheat is buried in the earth and dies completely, it cannot rise again to new life and multiply itself, giving life to other grains. In the same way, until the soul is buried in my Will, to the point of dying completely by dissolving all of her will within Mine, she cannot rise again to new Divine Life through the rising of all the virtues of Christ, which contain true Sanctity. Therefore, let my Will be the seal which seals your interior and exterior; and once my Will has risen completely within you, you will find true love – and this is the greatest of all the other sanctities to which one can aspire.” (Book of Heaven, Volume 7 – January 20, 1907)

Created in an original state of holiness, Adam’s human intellect, memory and free will were one with God’s Divine Will – seeking, knowing and loving only God. Created in an original state of justice, he had complete mastery of himself, was free from sinful desires, sickness, death; lived in total harmony with others and with Creation (CCC 375-378). Adam, before the Fall, fully partakes of the Gift of Living in the Divine Will and walked in unbroken communion and friendship with God.