I am nothing, God is All, Father I love you; Come Divine Will,

– To think in my mind.

– To circulate in my blood.

– To look with my eyes.

– To listen in my ears.

– To speak in my voice.

– To breathe in my breathing.

– To beat in my heart.

– To move in my motion.

– To suffer in my suffering;

and may my soul consumed and fused with your Will, be the living crucifix immolated for the Glory of the Father.

To pray in me, and then offer this prayer to yourself as mine to satisfy for the prayers of all and to give to the Father the Glory that all creatures should give Him;

To infuse in me the Faith of Mary most Holy in order to possess You as she possessed You

To infuse in me the Hope of Mary most Holy in order to desire You as she desired You.

To infuse in me the Charity of Mary most Holy in order to love You as she loved You.

To adore in me. And since Your Will multiplies acts to the infinite, thus I intend to give You the satisfaction as if all had assisted at Holy Mass, and give to all the fruit of the Sacrifice and impetrate salvation for all.