O Holy Will, as we begin our cenacle, we pray You, we beg You, we implore You not to leave us – not even one instant – so that You speak, You write, You listen in us.  You will make Yourself known, and make known how You want to be the Life of all in order to give Your goods to all.  If You let us do it, we won’t be able to make You known as You want, because we are incapable, but if You do it, You will triumph.  You will be known and You will have Your Kingdom in our cenacle and in the whole world.  Oh, Holy Will, with Your power You eclipse all the evils of the creatures, You put your Almighty End, so that they leave the way of sin and finds themselves in the way of Your Divine Will.

To you, Queen Mother of the Divine Fiat, we consecrate this cenacle in a special way, so that your love, Your Maternity may be spread throughout the readings we share, throughout the inspirations to call Your children to live together with You in the same Will whose kingdom You possessed.  As we start, kneeling at Your Feet, we implore Your maternal Blessing.

Our Love and our Life, Your Will has the virtue of multiplying Your Life for as many beings as exist and will exist on earth.  As we, in Your Will, want to form as many Jesuses in order to give the whole to You to each soul of Purgatory, to each Blessed of Heaven, and to each being living on earth.

So, we begin…