God created the universe for love of man, a purely gratuitous and altruistic act.  He created the world with great order, beauty, wisdom, and diversity.  In everything that God created, he placed a channel of grace and love between God and man.  It is God’s Divine right and man’s obligation to recognize and requite God for all He has done in Creation. Thus one can “fly around the world” to return the “I love yous” of God made manifest in all His works of Creation.

[Jesus to Luisa] “Now, one who has won the Divine Will has won the whole Creation, and even God Himself, therefore, by right of justice, she must possess all that my Will possesses. More so, since the Creation is mute for Its Creator; and I made It mute because the one to whom I was to give It and who was to live in my Will, would, herself, have speech in all created things, so that all things made by Me might be speaking, not mute. So, you will be the voice of the heavens; and echoing from one point to another, it will make your word heard, which, resounding through the whole celestial atmosphere, will say: ‘I love, I glorify, I adore my Creator. (Book of Heaven, Volume 19 – March 14, 1926).

In doing the rounds of Creation, we follow the Father in all His acts of Creation and accompany Him as He continuously creates life.  Jesus tells Luisa that in each created thing God has placed an attribute of Himself, which we recognize and receive in the rounds. Thus we recognize His love in the life-giving heat of the sun, in the cooling winds, in the vivifying fragrance of flowers, in the purifying drops of rain, the immutability of the mountains etc.

‘See, these are your works.  How beautiful this one is – how artistic is this other one!  And in this third one, what great mastery!  And in this fourth one, how much variety of colors!  What enchantment in this other one!’? (Book of Heaven, Volume 17 – June 10, 1924)

As an example of a round in the Divine Will, the soul sees the immensity of the sky as God’s gift of love and responds: “I recognize the sky as an act of love of my Heavenly Father.  Look, it extends in all places such that it finds no place in which to extend its azure drapes more.  I love You, Lord, in the sky because You are more immense and more stable than the sky You created.”