The acts of Jesus during His Incarnation did not just serve to redeem man.  His hidden life provided each human action, even the most insignificant one, with divine merit and with infinite value.  In the rounds of the Redemption, we follow Jesus and the Blessed Mother in all that They lived and suffered as They completely abandoned Themselves to God’s Divine Will for the salvation of humanity.  Fused in the Divine Will, we unite ourselves to Jesus and Mary in perfect reparation for the offenses committed and continue to be committed against God. Luisa shows us how in the writings:

“I descend down below within that void, in order to requite Jesus for the work of Redemption….I want to give Him my requital of all the acts which all creatures should have done for Him, in awaiting Him and receiving Him upon earth…I say:  ‘I love You in your act of descending from Heaven; I impress my ‘I love You’ in your act of being conceived; ‘I love You’ in the first drop of blood which was formed in your Humanity; ‘I love You’ in the first beat of your Heart, so as to mark all your heartbeats with my ‘I love You’. … ‘I love You’ in the work You did with your hands; ‘I love You’ in all the acts You did during your hidden life.  I seal my ‘I love You’ in each one of your interior acts and in the pains You suffered; I lay my ‘I love You’ on the roads You covered, in the air You breathed, in all the sermons You gave during your public life.  My ‘I love You’ flows in the power of the miracles You performed, in the Sacraments You instituted…Therefore, my ‘I love You’ follows You in all the pains of your Passion, in all the spit, scorns and insults that they gave You.  My ‘I love You’ seals each drop of the blood You shed, each blow You received, each wound that formed in your body, each thorn that pierced your head, the bitter pains of the crucifixion, the words You pronounced on the Cross.  Up to your last breath, I intend to impress my ‘I love You’’ (Book of Heaven, Volume 17 – May 17, 1925)