To do the Rounds of Sanctification, the soul living in the Divine Will must love the Holy Spirit, the Sanctifier, who is Love.  Fused with Jesus, we offer a requital of love to the Holy Spirit as we follow It in all that It has done in the Era of Sanctification: the Immaculate Conception, in the  Incarnation of the Word, in the institution of the Sacraments,  the establishment of the Church, in all the inspirations, graces, blessings, gifts of the Holy Spirit, in the Charisms of the Spirit and its fruits, and in the virtues and holy works of the Saints and holy people throughout all time. Luisa shows us how:

“I was fusing myself in the Holy Divine Volition according to my usual way; and while I was trying, as much as I could, to requite my Jesus with my little love for all that He has done in Redemption, my lovable and sweet Love, Jesus, moving in my interior, told me:  “My daughter, with your flight in my Will, reach all the Sacraments instituted by Me; descend into the depths of them, to give Me your little requital of love.  Oh! how many of my secret tears you will find, how many bitter sighs, how many suffocated moans of the Holy Spirit.  His moaning is continuous, before the many disillusions of Our love.  (Book of Heaven, Volume 18 – November 5, 1925)

As an example of a round of sanctification during the sacrament of baptism, a soul fused with the Divine Will acknowledges with love the working of the Holy Spirit in making holy all those who are to be sanctified, and His sorrow for those who oppose His inspirations. Thus the soul prays “O Spirit Sanctifier, moan no more.  I give love, glory and thanksgiving to the Divine Persons for this newly baptized child who You generously call into Your family.  And I make acts of reparation for the having trivialized the sacrament of Baptism.”