Jesus tells Luisa that one who does God’s Will sees it as God’s Will alone, and not one’s own, and therefore lives with two wills. He feels burdened by his human will with its rebellious nature, disordered preferences, and sinful passions in conflict with the infinitely holy Supreme Will. This is why we “do not do the good we want to do, but the evil we do not want to do” (Romans 7:19-25). But to Live in God’s Will is to live with one single Will – that of God. And since it is a Will all holy and all pure that reigns without opposition in a soul, it can bring about “divine order” out of the person’s sinful tendencies, inclinations, vices etc. – hence, all is peaceful.

Jesus further explains to her that to do His Will is to live like a servant receiving orders from his master that he may or may not choose to obey and is thus paid accordingly. But to live in His Will is to live like a son who loves a father, possesses, and enjoys all the father owns, and no one can remove or unbind his rights of sonship between father and son. Nevertheless, “doing” and “living in” God’s Divine Will aren’t at odds with each other – but are progressive steps on the same path of holiness.