Jesus chose to reveal the truths of Living in the Divine Will to 20th century mystic Luisa Piccarreta from Corato, Italy. Born on April 23, 1865 to poor but devoutly Catholic parents, she finishes only first grade, and lives a childhood of deep devotion to the Blessed Mother and intense love for Jesus in the Eucharist. Her encounters with Jesus begin at age 12, as He forms and purifies her with lessons on mortification in everything, especially in her will, so that Jesus’ Will and hers are one. At age 17 various apparitions of Jesus’ suffering in His Passion spark in her a lifelong desire to suffer with Him as a victim soul for the salvation of humanity, as He did.

At age 22, Luisa accepts the sacrifice Jesus asks of her, to repair for the sins of mankind: she must be bedridden for the rest of her life.  This suffering is her purification that prepares her for three separate mystical marriages with Christ, which unite Luisa perfectly to His Divine Will.  She will remain bedridden for 60 years, living only on the Eucharist for 20 years, never falling ill or developing bedsores. In her bedridden state, Jesus asks Luisa to be His Secretary of the Divine Will. So, from February 28, 1899 until December 8, 1938 Luisa sits upright in bed and obediently writes in her diary about her dialogues with Jesus and His Divine Will teachings, because He desires it to be known by all.

Luisa died in the odor of sanctity on March 4, 1947. Her seemingly miraculous death is well documented by doctors: her lifeless body showed no signs of rigor mortis in the four days that she was exposed to public veneration. Her head, arms, hands and fingers could be moved in every direction and there was no cadaveric odor around her. Our Lord seemingly showed to all that this soul was not a simple creature but a holy victim.